At Dark Horse Timber, we appreciate and respect the local and global environment, and tread carefully with our carbon footprint. We understand the planet is constantly under threat due to the demands of growing population, infrastructure and the modern culture of consumerism and disregard for the health of the planet, as we change our desires and needs for new items.

Although we are only a small business amongst this large issue, we practice and promote the idea of creating everlasting, beautifully crafted, organic products that clients will feel no need to replace or destroy, products that can be broken down and reused into other smaller pieces of furniture in the distant future and products that do not rely on plastics.

Working in conjunction with our sister company Tree Range Arborists means we can recycle a lot of the timber for our tree work and is a way to help keep our carbon footprint down within two businesses. This also helps us to recognise our passion for creating a circular economy. We remove the trees, mill them, create stunning, one of a kind pieces of furniture, which then go back into peoples homes to be used long into the future.

We believe that products crafted with raw materials are timeless in their beauty and will retain or grow their value as they age. Any homeowner would be exceptionally fortunate to be able to house a bespoke Dark Horse Timber product as an eye catcher or centerpiece in their home.