Finished and unfinished slabs

At Dark Horse we have a range of highly featured timber slabs available in stock at our showroom or storage facilities. We understand that many customers may prefer to purchase a timber slab that has been ‘rough sawn’ without any further sanding, thicknessing or coating to save on labor costs and to enjoy the process of working on the timber themselves to add their own personal touch to the end result.

On the other hand some of our customers may be time poor or lacking in the equipment and power tools to do the woodwork themselves and may require our assistance with services to get the timber to a state that they can complete themselves, or may prefer an entirely finished timber slab instead.

We collaborate with other local millers and woodworkers to bring their high quality timber stock to market and we are proud to support others in this industry.

We have a range of slabs available for sale at each of these different stages, but do not have all of our stock photographed here on our website.

If you have preferences on species of timber, and do not see that particular timber on our website then please get in touch with us via our contact page and we will get back to you with our current stock for that species.