Onsite milling

At Dark Horse we have the largest state of the art portable saw mill that Australia has to offer, the 10/30 Lucas mill.

We have both the swing blade attachment for dimensional timber and the ‘slabbing attachment’ – each capable of milling some of the largest local timber species into highly featured and valuable timber slabs, posts, boards and rails.

With the swing blade we have the ability to adjust the size of the cuts to whatever suits our clients needs whether internal or external for posts, sleepers, cladding, decking… The possibilities are vast with this incredible machine.

If you need your timber moved to a certain location before or after it is milled, we can also bring our heavy lifting machinery to move your timber sections to a preferred location onsite before and after cutting for the best results in regards to processing and storing of the timber.

We also provide the additional service of stacking and strapping, whilst placing spacers in between boards to reduce the risk of any spoilage of the timber.

Offsite milling

If you prefer your timber to be milled off site, this can be arranged easily with our machinery and trucks, and processed offsite – with your timber delivered to you when complete.

We have a permanently positioned large Bandsaw Mill, The Australian Hardwood Mills Gt40 – another state of the art machine capable of milling up 1m wide in diameter, of some of Australia’s toughest hardwood species. This machine is also capable of resawing warped or weathered timber.

Flattening services

If you already have some slabs that have altered in shape during the drying process (Cupping, Twisting or Bowing) we have the capabilities of flattening these products with our Lucas Mill Planer attachment or with our custom built Router Table.

At Dark Horse we enjoy working on a variety of terrains throughout the hills and surrounding suburbs, we love to challenge ourselves and get great results for our customers.