Live Edge Timber Slabs

At Dark Horse we have a range of pre milled live edge timber slabs, pre sawn shelves and highly featured offcuts in stock for enthusiasts, wood sculptors or for the home owner looking to improve their home surroundings.

We also collaborate with other local millers and woodworkers to bring the highest quality timber products and high demand timber species to our local community, this includes beautifully turned wooden bowls and uniquely crafted timber artwork from upcoming artists.

Our Live Edge timber slabs include slabs that are from different stages of preparation, from rough sawn, once sanded or finely sanded and coated with different oils or varnishes.

We have seasoned and unseasoned slabs for you to choose from.

We are located at 293 Belgrave Gembrook Road Emerald, if you would like to see these in person. Our awesome office team can help assist you in your selection, or put you in touch with our carpenter to discuss further fabrication options.